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Case Study

Wheelhouse Display Unit

North Sea Winches has used its electronical expertise to develop this wheelhouse display unit for a recent Port Authority project. The display units allow the operator to ensure safe operation of the winches remotely using electronic controls in the wheelhouse to the winches on deck (1 off 120Te & 2 off 20Te winches)

The package also included

Winch Displays

  • 3-off traffolite plates, each mounting:
    • Pressure gauge, 63mm dia, glycerine filled, stainless body, with gauge adaptor to ¼” BSP
    • Pull conversion chart for layer and pressure

Wheelhouse Display

  • 12” monitor, wall mounting, to display scaled load of each winch as a bar chart
  • Under desk control box including:-
    • PLC controller
    • Voltage stabiliser
    • Connections to 7-off pressure sensors and 3-off displacement-shift switches
  • 3-off pressure sensors, IP67 protection, with electrical connectors