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Case Study

Timbmet – GM-80 + Powerpack with remote control

This GM-80 was developed for Timbmet and used to haul stacks of timber from one end of the factory to another. The compact design can be used to pull up to 5 tonnes and operated remotely from a distance when required. This helped streamline Timbmets operations aiding them in transporting timber stacks more efficiently.

The package statistics are as follows:


GM-80 hydraulic winch rated 5.2 tonne on first layer comprising of:

  • Fabricated steel drum with 590mm diameter flange by 300mm long and 305mm diameter centre. Grooved drum to suit 16mm diameter wire. 
  • Press roller mounted on the drum to prevent slack wire. 
  • Epicyclic gearbox with failsafe brake. 
  • Drive by 2-speed piston type hydraulic motor
  • Dual counterbalance valve and brake shuttle, manifold mount to motor

Power Pack and control system including: 

  • Self contained electro Hydraulic power pack
  • Electric motor rated 18.5kw at 1450rpm, TEFV with IP55 protection, 400V/3ph/50hz
  • Hydraulic pump flexibly coupled to the motor through a bell housing
  • Nominal 160 litre capacity oil reservoir with return and suction filters, and thermostatic switch
  • Base frame

Auxiliary components:

  • Main control box with star delta starter for the main motor, plus DOL starter for the cooling fan. The cooling fan to be controlled from the tank mounted temperature sensor, with auto/manual selector switch & on/off buttons. Surface mounted lamp to indicate main motor running. 110V AC supply to auxiliary control box.
  • Auxiliary radio control box to connect the main control valve and the displacement control valve. 
  • Danfoss proportional control valve manual/electric
  • Displacement change assembly comprising of solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve and subplate
  • Air-blast cooler with motor driven fan 400V/3ph/50hz
  • Interconnecting piping & wiring

Supplied loose:

  • Radio control portable controller unit with hip belt for operator
  • Spare battery
  • Battery charger
  • 30 metre length of 16mm Ø wire rope, fused and tapered one end for anchoring to the winch drum, the other end fitted with an eye