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Cleveland Cascades Various Bulk Loading Chute Winches

Over the years North Sea Winches has developed a variety of Bulk Loading chute winches for Cleveland Cascades. These winches helped them enable safe transportation of grain aiding the crossover from sea to land containership.

The range of winches supplied over the years includes CWE-100, CWE-70 and CWE-120 – 10.5Te, 7Te and 11.5Te electric winches comprising of:

  • Fabricated steel drum, driven directly from the gearbox. The drum is grooved for wire rope and has internal rope anchors with socket cap screw anchors in each of 3 positions
  • 4-stage bevel/planetary gearing, Bonfiglioli 311R4 520:1 HC D160 – GB3-384
  • Drive by electric motor, to suit a 690V/3ph/50Hz supply, foot and flange(D160), totally-enclosed fan-ventilated, IP65 protection. Motor fitted with PTC thermistors and 230V anti-condensation heaters
  • Failsafe brake with hand release. Brake rating 160 Nm. Supply 180V DC. IP66 protection. Fitted with PTC thermistors, 230v anti-condensation heaters, cast iron terminal box, micro-switch (on/off signal), stainless steel nameplate, external rust resistant screws.
  • Brake is supplied with a separate 6 terminal fast acting rectifier 400v/1ph/50hz 
  • Fabricated steel end-frames and I section beds, with support bearing at the non-drive end.
  • Spring-loaded press roller acting on the drum to prevent slack turns
  • Rotary limit switch mounted on the non-drive end-frame