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Case Study

Swedish Polar Research GME-500

North Sea Winches has a wealth of experience in the Scientific field providing winches like this GME-500 for the ODEN vessel. The winch was supplied with a built for purpose container and was used for core sampling of seawater on board this research vessel.

As mentioned, the GME-500 winch was delivered pre-installed into a 20ft ISO container, with a specifically modified base to accommodate the installation of the winch bed plate. The performance details were as follows:

  • The controls are required to operate an electric brake motor– rated 90kW at 1480rpm with totally enclosed fan ventilated design with IP56 protection, the motor is fitted with a d.c. brake, 110V anti-condensation heater and thermistor. 
  • The winch to be supplied with controls for variable speed control, the main panel for sheltered installation in the open sided container, a local control for outdoor use and a radio-remote control
  • Drum – of fabricated steel construction. The drum is driven directly from the gearbox.
  • Drum brake – automatic piston-operated band brake controlled by a separate dedicated EHPU fitted in the container and piped to an accumulator for brake release. The minimum brake static rating is 20 tonnes on first layer.
  • Spooling gear – de-clutch able automatic diamond-thread type spooling gear driven by gears from the main shaft and synchronised for 20mm diameter wire rope.
  • Main gearbox – End-mounted 3-stage gearbox with totally-enclosed right-angle drive planetary and bevel gearing in oil bath lubrication. Total ratio is 90.5:1
  • Electric brake motor– rated 90kW at 1450rpm with totally enclosed fan ventilated design, to suit a 400V/3ph/50hz mains supply with IP55 protection. The motor is fitted with an anti-condensation heater which operates when the motor is not running.
  • Transmission brake – electro-magnetic disc brake, energise-to-run, integral with the motor. IP55 protection
  • Frame – fabricated steel end frames for base mounting. The gearbox is bolted directly to the drive end frame with the output shaft driving through into the drum.
  • Base – fabricated from I-sections with cross members and support gussets.