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Case Study


North Sea Winches completed production of a x4 eight-point electrical mooring winches (GME-2000-D) capable of 50Te & VFD Controls for Bodewes Harlingen BV on the accommodation barge Elikia to be ultimately supplied to Perenco on a platform based in the Yombo Fields, North Congo. Both the winch and controls were bespoke designs manufactured to meet the client requirements; designed, machined, assembled, painted and tested in house.

Performance figures for the winch & controls are as follows:

  • 50 tonnes at 8 metres/min on 1st layer
  • 25 tonnes at 16 metres/min on 11th layer
  • Capacity for up to 1500 metres of 38mm diameter rope in 11 layers
  • Drums – 2-off drums of fabricated steel construction of nominally 700mm diameter centre with 1650mm diameter flanges and 1500mm long.
  • Clutch – manually operated dog type clutch engaging on the mainshaft along a splined shaft.
  • Drum brake – double band brakes (one on each drum flange) with automatic hydraulic cylinder operation. The brake is spring-applied, pressure-released by means of a winch-mounted electrohydraulic power-pack with starter button on the local control panel. Total brake rating 100 tonnes on first layer.
  • Emergency release – the winch will be supplied with a hand pump and hoses to connect to the brake cylinder for emergency release if electric power is lost.
  • Spooling gear – de-clutchable automatic diamond-thread type spooling gear driven by gears from the mainshaft and synchronised for 38mm diameter wire rope. The scroll shaft is made from marine grade stainless steel, the follower tongue is in bronze and rollers are bushed and flame hardened. The gears are spur type, totally enclosed with grease lubrication.
  • Main gearbox – centrally-mounted gearbox with 4-stage spur gearing, totally enclosed in oil bath lubrication.
  • Electric brake motor – rated 75kW (S2 30 mins) at 1450rpm with totally enclosed fan ventilated design, to suit a 400V/3ph/50Hz mains supply with IP56 protection and class F insulation with class B temperature rise.
  • Transmission brake – electro-magnetic disc brake, energise-to-run, integral with the motor.
  • Frame – fabricated steel endframes for base mounting. Bearings are fitted in the endframe to support the mainshaft.
  • Base – fabricated from I-sections with cross members and support gussets, pre-drilled for bolting or welding to the deck

1-off control module supplied loose for indoor bulkhead or wall mounting, comprising: –

  • Control panel with door-interlocked mains isolator. Protection to IP44 or greater
  • Electrical load limiter
  • Control contactors with isolation switch on panel
  • Inverter type control module, reversible type, variable speed with start/stop ramp control
  • Built according to EN60204-32
  • 1-off local control stand including variable speed control, on/off switch, clutch and brake controls and red mushroom emergency stop button. The forward and reverse controls are suitable for “inching”, so that the clutches can be aligned precisely before engagement.
  • Protection to IP66 and fitted on the winch.