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Case Study

Fawcett’s Maltsters – CE-250-MSW

Malt Shovel Winches (MSW) for a grain processing factory who specialise in developing a variety of Malts for the brewing industry. These winches were to be used on site for retrieving trolleys full of malt following the malting process. Some of the winch statistics can be seen below.


  • 250Kg at 48 metres/min on 1st layer 
  • Continuous duty with pull rising to 500Kg at stall 
  • Capacity for 48 meters of 10mm wire 
  • Driven by 2.2Kw 1450RPM electric motor 415/3/50 
  • Gearbox, external epicyclic type


  • Drum size 410mm diameter flanges by 70mm long with 203mm diameter centre 
  • Drum driven through electromagnetic dry plate clutch rated at 690Kg on first layer 
  • Wire rope guide rollers 2 off vertical 2 off horizontal 
  • Spring applied pressure roller 
  • Mounted on a fabricated base with castors and machine anchor point.


  • Controls housed in Stainless steel enclosure IP55 rated, including motor starter with overload protection, 24-volt control for clutch, surface mount buttons for motor run and stop, emergency stop and isolator. Five meters of armoured cable and standard 16 Amp socket.